Christian Medical Mission

To Exalt, To Accept, To Share, To Teach

Christian Medical Mission exists to promote the love of God through Dental, Eyeglass, Medical and Educational outreach to those who are less fortunate in the Dominican Republic and around the world. We do so by holding clinics, supporting local churches and organizations and by promoting education in a Christian atmosphere.

Our Goals

1. Recruit, support, and send followers of Jesus to the Domnican Republic and around the world.

2. Form medical teams (including surgical), eyeglass and medical clinics around the world.

3. Maximize San Jose Adentro, Dominican Republic location to teach English as a Second Language and basic computer skills.

4. To support graduates of our school to attend university by providing travel cost from rural area to the city of Santiago.

How We Accomplish What We Do

We regularly provide short term opportunities mainly to the Dominican Republic but also to other parts of the world inluding; Africa, Haiti, Mexico, Nepal or any other place we can serve. We will provide clinics in dental, medical and eyeglass depending on the need of the community and who participates. Christian Medical Mission Teams are formed from health care professionals and volunteers living in the United States.

As part of our mission we are committed to San Jose Adentro, a small community near Santiago in the Dominican Republic. Within this community we are developing a Christian Education building where young people will be able to come and learn English, basic computer skills, how to build alternative energy sources, how to do basic electrical and plumbing, how to do small engine repair, basic woodworking skills, and how to run a business. The students will be required to attend a Bible curriculum as a part of their training.

Community Health

Christian Medical Mission is supporting a Community Health initiative in the Dominican Republic. We do this by supporting local efforts for better health education, improvement of water purification, and the development of lay health overseerers. This may involve community wide evaluations and surveys with both pediatric and adult care, eye examinations and the dispensing of eye glasses, and under the supervision of a physician the dipensing of medications and vitamins.

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